"A Slice of Life” is about collecting and how collecting BREAD PLATES has affected my life. There is genuinely a “slice of my life” served up on my bread plates…

How do people become collectors ?

Well I can’t speak for other people but my childhood home was filled with clutter.. bits of pottery.. cast-iron fire ornaments.. pictures.. bits of lace and embroidery and much more.

My mother and her brothers and sisters, my grandmother and indeed my great grandmother had all contributed to the collected paraphernalia, so I suppose hording was inevitable for me.

It started early.. pressed wild flowers, postage stamps, books and other childhood treasures. A Brownie collecting badge was my first accolade and just encouraged me.. not that I needed encouraging.!!

When I bought my first Bread Plate by accident little did I realise that some thirty five years later my home would be arranged around them, I would have written a book about collecting and be invited to exhibit Bread Plates in the National Pottery Museum in Stoke on Trent. My friends and family refer to me as “The Bread Plate Lady” .. how good is that?

The purpose of this Web Site is to share with you some of my plates and hopefully encourage you to want to know more…